We Are The Cud Band……

“I was a teenage stamp collector. I’d lay on my back and they’d stamp on my face. In the Yorkshire town where I live there are stamp collectors all over the place….”
Now if you’ve not heard of CUD you really are missing out. These northern scamps started up in Leeds in about 86/87. I saw them for the first time at the Reception Records Christmas party in December 87 supporting the Wedding Present and This Poison. From that night until about 1992 I saw them about 20 times. They then went a bit commercial and I lost interest. They then split up and that was that. Anyway in 2006 they got back together and we ventured to Newcastle and a great homecoming gig at the Cockpit in Leeds. Then a final hurrah as they played their final, final gig at Rios in Leeds in May 2008. A great night and a great way to end. But that it seems is not the end. On their return in 2006 they had lost an original member, Mike Dunphy. This time when they come back he will be once more with the band. A complete CUD revival. Dates are being set and judging by the amount of twittering and new videos being put up on youtube people are very excited. If you haven’t heard of them or you want reminding of their brilliance take a peek at the links below…..

I’ve had it with Blondes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztC8Hg1IeGY&context=C38f822dADOEgsToPDskIUq3LrC0SRaY1M3HXWSa3F

Slack Time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqozHSMVFNg

Once the dates are set we here at The Northern Line will be telling you all about them. And we will be venturing to one or two or maybe three!!! “In the year of our Lord 1869 was brought into the world a good friend of mine. The state that I’m finding it seems so astounding. I hope you like this bubble-car that I’m driving around in.”

By peter on January 16, 2012

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