Let’s Away: From Here

Another day, another band from the Nort-East, another great discovery!!! Let’s Away are Neil & Jonathan and they make a sound akin to Leonard Cohen fronting the Velvet Underground, Blur and The Orchids. A bit of a mixed bag but their three track EP is precisely that; a mixed bag.
Track one is called “On Reminiscion” which roughly means “On reflection or to remember”. Yes I had to look it up!!! A tale of looking back longingly at a time that probably never existed! A beautiful song.
Track two; “The Art of Self Control” reminds me of the breathy vocals and jangling jangliness of The Orchids. Scotland and Sarah’s finest. A lovely song that gets better as it goes on.
Third and final track; “Only in the Dark” starts out like Blur’s “No Distance Left to Run” and slopes along like the Velvet Underground or The Jesus and Mary Chain. Best track of the three in my humble opinion.
This EP was recorded in Sunderland with the hugely talented Neil Bassett of Hyde & Beast (ex of The Golden Virgins) in late 2011. The boys hope to be out on the road soon and I for one are looking forward to seeing them.


LET’S AWAY: http://letsawaymusic.wordpress.com/

SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/lets-away

By peter on January 28, 2012

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