Spector At The Empire In Middlesbrough 17th March 2012

“Dont believe the hype……….woooooooooaaahhhhaaahhhhh” (Public Enemy)

Do believe the hype. This years Vaccines or this years Terris?? Spector have been lauded and lambasted in equal measures since their arrival on the scene. With their sharp suits and catchy tunes they have risen very quickly to the ranks of next big thing. They have also been bogged down with labels of this years hype. I am firmly in the camp of next big thing. Chevy Thunder, Never Fade Away and Grey shirt & Tie are just three reasons to believe. Add to that their sharp suited style making them look like The Sid Presley Experience (remember them??) who mutated into The Godfathers (or them??). Yes a few tunes sound like The Vaccines and recently on Soccer AM lead singer Frederick MacPherson referred to their upcoming debut as being called “What did you expect from…….Spector” a welcome piece of self deprecation. Rather than be all pompous and pretend you dont have any influences he told it like he knows some people think. But to label them mere copyists is wrong. There are also elements of the Kinks, Blur, The Stones, The Smiths, The Libertines as well as newer stuff like Bombay Bicycle Club, the Killers and, obviously, the Vaccines.
Tonight in the hallowed surroundings of the Empire they were superb. Tune after tune, hit after potential hit. The crowd grows from a few round the stage into a throbbing mass as the sound fills the ears and then hearts and then legs of the audience. Most of whom I assume have turned up for the club night but on hearing our new heroes are clammering to get a better view of whats happening on stage. They bound on stage to indifference except for the few and leave with crys for “more” ringing in their ears. They certainly won over tonights crowd and I imagine venues this size will be a thing of the past for them after they appear on every festival bill this summer.


SPECTOR http://spector.co.uk/

THE EMPIRE http://www.theempire.co.uk/

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By peter on March 25, 2012

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