Fantasy Rainbow No Hope Not Ever Plus Super Dooper Competition!!!

“I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well” (POOH STICKS Fierce Recordings 1988)

Remember the Pooh Sticks? Probably not. Indie scmindie chancers from Wales who came out at the back end of the whole C86 Indie scene and took the mick. Songs like On Tape and I know someone…. ridiculed the scene they chose to inhabit. But, they were great. Floppy fringes, bowl cuts, anoraks, flexi discs, Trout fishing in Leytonstone. You could not hide your love of them forever and the same goes for Fantasy Rainbow. A one man indie band who not only plays guitars in his bath but is the tambourine player and the stand up drummer all in one. He hails from the North-East of England and releases tapes on Tiny Lights Recordings. And, like the Pooh sticks, he is fantastic. His latest release is an almost 30 minute long EP. Most would have made it their debut album but obviously with tracks to burn he has put six on this his third release. He has already delivered one great EP called Teens (TINY 1) a cassette tape called Healthy Lung Dirty Lung (TINY 666). This EP released on CD is called No Hope Not Ever (TINY 7) and comes with a free fanzine and badge. But forget about the paraphernalia what does it sound like? Chiming guitars, breathy vocals, great lyrics…. everything you could want to replicate the sound of 100 Sarah bands, Beat Happening, The Go Betweens, The June Brides, early Primal Scream, Tallulah Gosh…… everybody who is anybody. My favourite track of the six is final track “No Hope. Not Ever” a 7 minute and 38 second slice of joy. Reminds me of “Yawn” by The Orchids. One of my favourite tracks. Ever.
Fantasy Rainbow might not be everyones cup of tea but if you like what I like you will like.
As well as telling you about this fantastic release we also have a great competition for those who want to hear more. The prize? Every release by Fantasy Rainbow. Both CDs, the tape, the badge, the Fanzine and a special mystery prize thrown in for good measure. The question? In this review we mentioned playing guitars in the bath but who had an EP called “A Guitar in the bath”???? Answers on the back of an old copy of Parma Violet Mornings. But failing that by e-mail or on Facebook or on Twitter. First one in gets the lot. Go!!!!





By peter on April 1, 2012

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