The Lake Poets City By The Sea “a Review And Another Soopa Dooper Competion”

“I was born. I was raised upon the tide. And the salt and the sea air. It warms me up inside” (City by the Sea by The Lake Poets 2012)

First contender for single of the year!!! Martin Longstaff has cut loose, employed a full band and unleashed his debut single onto a world not worthy of this gem. Like a young Bob Dylan singing songs about his native Sunderland he has cut a seam into the regions conscience. I am off to see him on Thursday night at the Sage in Gateshead where he will officially launch this single release on Tiny Lights Recordings. A label, like Martin, that is fast becoming the talk of the town. Dont bother trying to get tickets as its been sold out for months. Instead, get to Stockton on Saturday and you can catch Martin and his whole band at the Sun Inn as part of the Stockton Calling Festival. They are on at 5.00 but get there early as I imagine this will be rammed. (In fact get there at 4 because Joe Hammill from Cattle & Cane is on directly before them!!!)
Now Martin has been around for a while. We first caught him as a shy, solo star supporting the Mitchell Museum at the Head of Steam in Newcastle (October 2010). In the 18 months since we have caught him on a number of occasions where he has got better and better. He recently formed a band and The Lake Poets suddenly made a lot more sense. This release is proof that six heads are better than one. I loved Martin as a solo star but with a band he has even outshone himself.

Main track City by the Sea begins with harmonica, sounding like a cross between early Dylan and Hand in Glove by the Smiths. A great mix if ever there was one. Lyrically it sings the praises of his native Sunderland. A hard, sea battered City that he is proud to call home. It clocks in at under three minutes. But even in that short time in gets under the skin and demands to be played again. But dont take my word for it check out the video here

Second and final track is equally as good. Small Town is again about Sunderland, I presume. But slightly more down beat. Its lyrics bemoan a place down on its luck but a place Martin still calls home. Its defiant last line telling us that it might not be the best place in the world but to some it is the only place in the world.
“I come from a small Town. A place where I feel alone. A down on its knees Town. A place that I call home.”

Now Tiny Lights have again provided us with a copy of the CD to offer as prize in another of our soopa dooper competions. First answer wins the CD. E-mail it, Facebook it, Twitter it. Question “Why did The Lake Poets not release this single in 1991?” Simple if you think about it!!!




By peter on April 4, 2012

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