The Imagineers On The Late, Late Show

The Imagineers are one of my favourite new bands. They are brand new and encompass all we love about the “Sound of Young Scotland”. They play in pubs, they answer my tweets, they wear my t-shirts, I love them. But this is all set to change. Because this week they’ve hit the big time. Craig Ferguson, who is originally from Glasgow, is now a big star in the USA and presents a show called “The Late, Late Show”. He came back to Scotland to find an unsigned band to put on his show. Well, he obviously has great taste because he chose The Imagineers. He whisked them off to America and they’ve been on his show every night this week. Part of me is sad as it probably means I wont see them in the back room of The Sun in Stockton, like I did last month, but I am glad as it means a truly great band will be top of the charts instead of the rubbish that is there now. I have collected all the clips together for you to peruse……

First up the promo they made for the show. A great video of my favoutite song “Imagineer” featuring Craig Ferguson and the bloke out of the Green Mile (Michael Clarke Duncan who played John Coffey; like the drink but not spelt the same)

Secondly, the boys performing the theme tune to the show……

Thirdly, “Spanish Sands” which kicks in at 4 minutes and 50 seconds of this clip. Reminds me of The Doors and The Bandits, love it…….

Fourthly, brand new single “The Legend of John the Terror Notorious” a fabulous wee tune that kicks in at 4 minutes and 20 seconds and reminds us of early Postcard at its best…….

Fifthly, “Dearest One” at 5 minutes 30 seconds……….

And Finally, performing their finest “Imagineer” live at 5 minutes……

And finally a few pics of before they were famous…………………………….

By peter on May 20, 2012

Check out all the pics

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