Bada Bing!!! Bingley Music Live 2012 Pulls It Off….again!!!


The British Festival scene over the last couple of years has changed drastically and personally I would say for the better. We are no longer forced to spend £200 on a ticket to attend one of only four main festivals in the UK. Now we are spoilt for choice in both terms of line up and ticket price. To me Bingley Music Live falls into both those categories, a 3 day festival, with a great line up and a ticket price everyone can afford. Now I know it doesnt have camping but who really wants to camp when you can stay in the comfort of a travelodge or hotel? Bingley is near to both Bradford and Leeds and has plenty of transport links to get you to and from the festival.

We stayed in Bradford at the GREAT VICTORIA HOTEL and paid only £41.65 a night, the hotel was opposite Bradford inter change and excellent value for money between two of us. The bus cost us £2.60 single so again nothing to grumble about. The accomodation I found available in the area was plentiful and catered for all budgets, large and small. The Hilton Hotel in Bradford was only £31!

Anyway I digress but camping who needs it and at my age I definitley do not!

Entrance to the festival is slick, queues are dealt with quickly and people are soon wristbanded and in, other festivals please take note!

We arrive on site to catch the end of Kids in Glass Houses who sadly didn’t do it for me a bit of a Kerrang type none band, however they have released 3 albums so must be doing something right for somebody. And judging by the crowds reaction they certainly seemed to like them.

We grab a cider (ice cold Gaymers,Bonus in itself!!!) and get ready for one of Motown’s greats Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. She is in fine form and backed by ten other members on stage. She may be 71 but she’s still got it! The crowd sing along to every song, Jimmy Mac, Dancing in the Streets and Heat wave to name a few. Brilliant.

We nip and grab another cider and get ourselves ready for The Charlatans who have been in my top 10  since Indian Rope. Live they are exceptional and have a massive back catologue to delve into. My colleague and I must have seen them over 30 times and that might be my problem with tonights show. Dont get me wrong they were brilliant, they sounded great, the crowd loved them and so did I but their set list was short (only 10 songs, hardly enough for a headlining act) and they are still playing a similar set to the last time I saw them and even the time before that.

They take to the stage and launch into North Country Boy and hit after hit follows, The only one I know, Weirdo, How High and they finish as always with Sproston Green.

Day one over we head back to Bradford a little damp and muddy but still excited about day two.

We arrive on site on day two early afternoon and have a wander around, what’s clear to see is how well everything is organised and how proffesionally run the festival is, the festival location is ideal and the main stage location is perfect.

We watch The Pigeon Detectives who to me are the ultimate festival band, full of energy and catchy songs that get the crowd going. After they finish we are ready for the headliners Razorlight.

Years ago I loved Razorlight and their first album was played alot in our house but after the release of America (a great song) they kind of lost their way for me and Johnny Borrell is the ultimate love him or loathe him Cock Rock Star! Anyway the crowd love them they play the hits and a few new ones to try out on the crowd. We make our way back to Bradford sample an indian then bed.

Sadly we cant attend day three due to other things but by all accounts another great day with White Lies, Maverick Sabre and headliners Nero.

To sum the weekend up, in a nut shell excellent. Great line up, something for everyone, well organised, easy to get a beer, easy to get in and out.

And the most important thing for all these days the PRICE! 3 days for £50

This year for the price of a LEEDS festival ticket, you could have attended nearly 4 festivals elsewhere all with great line ups. In fact the majority of them with better line ups!

Check out BEACONS FESTIVAL, DEER SHED, MAGIC LOUNGEABOUT, GALTRES FESTIVAL, SPLIT FESTIVAL and of course BINGLEY FESTIVAL next year before booking a ticket for one of the big 4. You will not be disappointed.

Roll on next summer, oh and another festival I missed from the above selection this weekends Ramsbottom Festival another 3 dayer for £50

By Andy on September 11, 2012

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