Lets Go Back To 1990 When “life” Seemed So Much Easier!

When I think back to the early 90′s life did seem alot easier than it is now, although I’m not grumbling at what hand I have been dealt back then I was only 19. I still lived at home and had just started my first proper job! I hadn’t a care in the world. 22 years later I’m now married with kids and still working at that same proper job , so I suppose some things don’t change.

One thing that hasn’t changed in time, for me anyway, is how good The Inspiral Carpets debut album LIFE still sounds. 23 years since its release The Inspirals are taking that debut album back out on the road and playing it in full for the first time.

Having recently regrouped with the orginal line up, The Inspirals have been playing live together again throughout 2012, they have supported the Mondays on tour, did their own tour and have played alot of festivals.

This tour promises to be something special, we will hear those great songs again that I sung my heart out to at both their GMEX shows.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow Friday 21st from all the usual outlets, but be quick these venues are small and this tour will sell out fast!



By Andy on September 20, 2012

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