Euros Childs And The Wellgreen @ The Westgarth Social Club In Middlesbrough On Saturday 27th October 2012

“I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn’s, I was hoping to impress, So frightfully camp, it made you laugh. Tomorrow I’ll buy myself a dress. How ludicrous?” (Consolation Prize by Orange Juice)

Why do so many bands from Glasgow sound like The Byrds? Why do they all love Love? Why are they all so cool? Who knows? And who cares? Add The Wellgreen to a long list of great bands from the aforementioned city. Marco Rae and Stuart Kidd are friends of Norman Blake, they share singles with Stevie Jackson from Belle & Sebastian, they play in Euros Childs’ band and they have their own beat combo called The Wellgreen. If they weren’t so impossibly nice we would probably hate them! We have officially indoctrinated them into the “Sound of Young Scotland”. On Saturday we saw them twice. Headlining the gig as members of Euros Childs’ band. More of them later. But firstly they are the support band; The Wellgreen. And another brand new discovery brought to us by The Kids are Solid Gold. And another bunch of young scamps from over the border making great noises.
I liked them so much I persauded them to give me a copy of their album; “Wellgreens”. Just like their live performance it is superb. All dreamy summer tunes reminiscent of The Byrds, The Kinks, Love, Orange Juice, Teenage Fanclub, Buffalo Springfield and countless other great bands that spring to mind when you hear them. As only a two piece its quite strange to see them live as there seems to be so much more going on than only two peoople could muster up. The album has 19 tracks, again not many new bands would attempt to pull off 19 tracks but they manage it with ease. Easily one of my favourite albums of the year. Easily one of my favourite bands of the year. I think I should move to Scotland!!
Now I assume all good music fans have heard of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci? They came out about 20 years ago with Super Furry Animals and other superb Welsh bands like 60ft Dolls. They seemed to have it all then they disappeared. Well Euros Childs, lead singer and main man, has carried on as a solo star. And a star he is. His solo stuff is as good as Gorky’s and that is some compliment. He still throws in the odd song sung in his native tongue. He still has that dreamy, folky vibe going on. He still has songs that will make you laugh. He still has it!! Whatever it is.
Tonight was another great gig brought to you by The Kids are Solid Gold. Only one criticism; where were you all? Without getting all Delia Smith on you….. Let’s be having you!!! Four great bands for £8 and the place was only half full. This is not good enough and I will be looking for an improvement next time. They have a superb Christmas spectacular on Saturday the 8th of December where you can catch 8 bands!!!! Now if thats not good enough I don’t know what is. (get your tickets at the link below)
If you fancy seeing the above two bands and supporting another new promoter get along to Mad Hatters in Ripon on Saturday 7th of December. (see link below)





MAD HATTERS, RIPON:!/events/407960702598303/?fref=ts

By peter on October 30, 2012

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