The Imagineers: “karma Soundcheck Part 1 Ep”

I’m sure you have heard of The Imagineers? We have raved on about them for a while now. They are part of that great new movement; “The Sound of Young Scotland”. We first came across these young scamps from Glasgow at the back end of last year when they supported Forest Fire at the Westgarth. We fell in love with their debut EP and told everyone who would listen about them returning to our neighbourhood for Stockton Calling. They also had the illustrious good fortune of being featured heavily on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson in the USA. Fame certainly beckons. This week they have released a brand new four track EP, and sticking to their principle of only writing drop dead classics, every tune is a winner. Surely it is only a matter of time before they take their rightful place at the top of the charts.

The best way to hear these tracks is to go out and buy them. Actually with modern technology you don’t even have to go out the house!! To help make up your mind I have found versions of all four tracks so you know how superb they are before you spend your hard earned cash. Some are official versions as on the EP, others are live numbers, but all are superb….


First track on the EP. A Doorsy, stomper, that catches the band at their best. How this is the fourth track is anyone’s guess. Most bands would be happy to have it as their lead track. No studio versions on YouTube but this live effort captures the song beautifully;


Probably my favourite track on the EP. But that might change by next time I listen to it. So good is each track that they can all be my favourite depending on my mood. Today it is “So Dramatic”. Think The Byrds, The Band and long lost Scousers; The Bandits!! In fact anything begining with B!!! Bright, Beautiful, Big and Bouncy!!!! This live version isn’t as good as the finished article but it is still fantastic……


Was not too sure about this one on the first few plays but it’s a grower, relatively speaking!!!


The only track with an official video. This is the lead track and the one destined to top the charts. But as we have said all 4 tracks are great. The song is an instant gem, sing-a-long, foot tapping, stomper. The video is Gregory’s Girl meets Frankenstein!!! Brilliant.

Did I tell you I love The Imagineers? Did I tell you they will someday rule the world? Jings crivens help ma bob!!!!!



By peter on November 24, 2012

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