Deer Shed Festival: Almost Here, Almost Sold Out, But What To Eat???

Only a couple of weeks before our favourite festival gets underway. As well as loads of great bands and fun things to do for the kids, which we’ve already told you about, there is loads of food, food, food……….. (and drink!!!)

Also there are only a few hundred tickets left so you’d best get off your sofas and get them sorted. Over to the Deer Shed people……….

It’s that time of year when we tempt you with our festival food and drink offerings.

As always at Deer Shed Festival we will have a great session cask ale on sale at £3 per pint, chilled down and in great condition. All this year’s beer is coming from the lovely folks at York Brewery. We’ve also got Vines wine bar serving up champers by the lake P-O-S-H posh.

Here are the runners and riders in the tea-time stakes this year.
•Bumby’s Fish and Chips with or without gravy it’s a north/south thing! With then.
•Coffee Galore back for a fourth year serving the full range of barista beverages.
•Community Kitchen fancy a decent flat bread? These guys got em.
•Crepe Co ah, the delights of the chocolate hot tub!
•Senor Churro in case you were wondering, a churro is a tasty Spanish doughnut.
•The Farmers Wife not the 1928 Hitchcock movie, but a tasty smorgasbord of proper farmhouse cooking.
•Gandhis flip-flop non-violent curries for the civilly disobedient.
•Hot Pink potato ‘what’s taters, precious, eh, what’s taters?’ – only Smeagol could turn his lip at a baked tater!
•Stove Puppets the long awaited return of our favourite Yorkshire Pudding botherers.
•Levanter Flamenco guitar wielding paella pushers, Levanter, are a family run company specialising in cooking fresh authentic paella.
•Coffee Carriage finely crafted speciality coffees… served in a cup.
•Lovely Yellow Sweet Shop ‘fruity and firm’ or ‘hard-boiled’ these guys have got what you want – sweets!
•Mango Ray if you can remember the Chilly Challenge last year, you clearly didn’t do the Chilly Challenge – blimey!
•Snozbery Froyo all the way from Gateshead, the home of frozen yoghurt.
•Big Red Pizza Oven perennial favourite pizza slingers return to prove that a Sloppy Giuseppe is not a crude euphemism.
•Rainbow Ice Hut cool, refreshing fruit juice served over shaved ice, which you can learn to make with the juicer you can get if you visit here.
•Scoop Ice-cream the best luxury dairy ice cream in the Lake District.
•Smoothie Mania something to get your juices flowing – carrot, apple and ginger!
•Tuck Tuck Café we’ve been trying to get great Thai food for four years – at last the quest is over!
•Faery Floss they wore out their machine last time! Just how much spun sugar can 3,000 kids eat? – don’t answer that..
•Wright’s Burgers they’ve crossed the Pennines to bring you Riley’s vension, wild boar and beef burgers.
•Ubarrow Sausages the inspiration for Tom Archer’s gourmet grill? ‘No Comment’, say the BBC … we just love the Westmorland sausages these guys serve.
•Truffle Hunter hog and chicken roast – ’nuff said.
•Butty Boys Cumbria’s finest exponents of the BIG sandwich.
•Dink Donuts they maybe dinky but they are perfectly formed. The ever smiling Angie servers up her delicious doughnuts once again.
•Gingerbread House a nice relaxing cup of tea whilst the kids construct a fourteen story gingerbread block of flats, nice one Hansel.

Down to our last two hundred adult tickets

Catch ya.

Deer Shed Festival team



By peter on July 2, 2013

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