Deer Shed 5

Deershed Festival 2014: Best Line Up Ever!!!!!


With our “Festival of the Year” prize firmly stuck in their trophy cabinet they celebrate by announcing the first acts for this summers event. And what a summer it promises to be………

Here is our first band announcement for Deer Shed Festival 5.

So for your enjoyment in Baldersby Park this year we present…

Johnny Marr, British Sea Power, Stornoway, Steve Mason, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Summer Camp, We Were Evergreen, Withered Hand, Denai Moore, Nordic Giants, PAWS, Georgia Ruth, Pins, All We Are, Police Dog Hogan, Raglans.

Exciting huh?

Yes, very exciting. I would say the best line up they’ve had so far. We here at The Northern Line are particularly excited about seeing Johnny Marr. It will be just past the 30th anniversary of the first time we saw him; Carlisle Market Hall June 1984 with The Smiths. The last time we saw him was at the London Palladium in October 1986. (Actually we saw The Healers at The Reebok in 2000 but it was so awful we’ve tried to forget the whole debacle!!!) We have yet to see his solo set but by all accounts it is fabulous containing a bucket full of Smiths tunes. Looks like being a wonderful Saturday night.

We are also keen to see British Sea Power, Stornoway and Steve Mason (He of Beta Band fame!!!). But the icing on a fun filled week-end cake is our hero; Withered Hand. I keep telling people this but it seems to be getting through very slowly. Withered Hand is brilliant. With the release of his second album this year he is sure to be catapulted into orbit. By the time he plays DeerShed he could be pushing for a headlining slot!!!

So when is it? Where can I get tickets? The action begins on Friday the 25th of July and ends on Sunday the 27th of July. Tickets are £99 for the whole week-end for adults and £30 for kids over 6 years old. Under 6s are £1. Great value I am sure you will agree. It will also sell out not just because of the fantastic line up but because of the reputation they have built over the past 4 years. So what are you waiting for??? Link to their site below. See you all there!!!!!!!



By peter on January 30, 2014

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