Deer Shed Festival Update……

It’s not long before the best festival of the summer takes place. Have you got your tickets yet?? You really need to as this year’s line up is fantastic. Here’s the latest of what is happening in Deer Shed land…….

As we’re sure you’re aware this year’s festival theme is Time Travel, but so far we’ve not told you much about it.

Well, we’re going to be hosting an ambitious Time Travel Party!

A Time Travel Party is like any other party, with music and nibbles, except that you invite time travellers as well as everyone else. Of course inviting time travellers from the future isn’t an exact science, to say the least, but we suppose as a starting point the invitation itself has to persist until time travel is possible. With this in mind we have decided to get the invite pictured below engraved into a brass plaque which we’ll attach to something solid in Baldersby Park in the hope it will be discovered at some point in the future when time travel is as common as a trip to the supermarket.

We have taken a belts and braces approach though. In order to be doubly sure we get some visitors from the future we have decided to have an enormous pan-dimensional shout-out to further encourage time travellers and so have built a website,, where you can submit a photo or an image that is dear to your heart. We hope that this mass emotional offering will somehow arch across time and strike a chord.

So far folks have submitted all sorts of imagery to the site – from favourite childhood holidays to a pair of old goalkeeping gloves, and the comments accompanying each picture are suitably heart-warming.

Why not head over to and submit something to the cause? Of course if you want to meet the time travellers in person then it sounds like Deer Shed Festival 5 might be the best place to do it.

Over and out.

Deer Shed Festival team xx.




By peter on May 5, 2014

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