Elbow: The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

Elbows new album reviewed for your pleasure.*

Elbow are like your mother. Getting on a bit. They keep telling you the same story you’ve heard so many times before. But you love them and are quite happy to give them the time and patience to play that same song again. If anybody tells you this is their best then don’t believe them. Why? Because its either the only Elbow album they’ve ever heard so they can’t say it’s the best or they’re a massive fan who has said everyone is their best but in their hearts they know they’ll never better “Asleep in the Back”!!! Guy Garvey’s voice is as lush as ever. He has a wonderful turn of phrase and the world can always do with another Elbow album. And as sad as it would be if they did a garage album or a hip hop album we know exactly what this album sounds like before we even listen to it. Like you know the ending to the story your mother is telling you but you still listen because….. It’s your mother!!!
“Like a good Irish whiskey” a great line from “Fly Boy Blue/Lunette” and it sums up Elbow. Like a good whiskey they get better with age. You know what they’re going to taste like. You know the affect they will have on you but you like that warm feeling they give you. Like being wrapped up in a warm blanket they chase away the outside world . They chase away the dark. Like your mother, like a good whiskey, like a warm blanket. Elbow are Elbow.
“My Sad Captains” is a line from Shakespeare. It’s also a great new band from Leeds. It’s also the best song on the album. It’s up there with “Scattered black and whites”. Surely the best Elbow song if there was a league table of top Elbow songs? Is this their best album? Maybe? Maybe not? But certainly in the top six.

*I know it’s not that new but its been a tough year and I only got round to writing this review on the bus to Lourdes in May and have only just got round to uploading it today.


ELBOW: http://elbow.co.uk/

MY SAD CAPTAINS: http://www.mysadcaptains.co.uk/

By peter on July 19, 2014

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