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Friday 24 July – Sunday 26 July 2015
Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire

DSF6 Science Tent – No other music festival does science like we do.

It will come as no surprise to people familiar with the Deer Shed Festival that 2015’s instalment is going to be far more than your music-dominated festival experience. Whilst music takes the main stage (literally!), Deer Shed Festival is proud of its tradition of variation, diversity, and science!

Following the recent announcement of excellent family workshops allowing children and adults to discover their creative side, Deer Shed Festival have now confirmed the return of last year’s much loved Science Tent dedicated to those people who want to explore their inner Einstein.

Expanding on last year, the Deer Shed Festival is welcoming back some old favourites (Draw a Circuit, Pond Dipping, Minecraft, and the inventor of the cybernetic parrot sausage, Paul Granjon), whilst introducing some exciting, new acts such as London Science Museum’s acclaimed comedy-science team, Punk Science, and the hands-on, messy, madness of the CHaOS Science Roadshow.

With the Up in the Air theme firmly in mind, there could be no better person to pilot the Science Tent than Andy Chipling, an expert paper aircraft designer, who was part of the brilliant Project Space Planes in 2011 and competes in Paper Aircraft Competitions around the world. What he doesn’t know about folding paper planes isn’t worth knowing, and what he does know is astounding. It’s not all paper planes, however, Deer Shed Festival is also bringing helicopters made of paperclips, rockets made of matches or water bottles, and 3D plane modelling made of data and pixels. Plenty for everyone who enjoys turning household items into toys!

For those who can’t wait, the Deer Shed Festival Science Team (with Andy Chipling) will be running a workshop at the Maker Faire in Newcastle. From simple designs through to elaborately engineered masterpieces, this workshop will have something for all ages and abilities. It’s also a great chance to get some top tips before the main event in July!

If creating stationary-based aviation seems a little delicate, never fear! Launching things into the air is something Deer Shed Festival is passionate about too. Forget spud guns, Deer Shed has a potato cannon and if that doesn’t seem crazy enough, Terry will also be returning with his infamous Trebuchet (a 20ft long throw-arm) tucked away in (what used to be) a quiet corner of the field to launch a variety of things through the sky.

After learning how to knock things down, why not learn how to build things back up? Whether visitors want to go back to basics with Lolly Stick Towers, Wrekshop, and Meccano, or right into the twenty-first century with electrics, soldering, and circuit boards, there’s something for everyone. Making practical machines that actually work is a very rewarding, and enjoyable part of Deer Shed Festival’s science tent.

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, Deer Shed Festival is giving its visitors chance to learn what’s really going over our heads with workshops from the Met Office and plenty of opportunities to gaze at the stars. As for the stars who walk among us? Ableton’s music production workshop, or Teesside University’s green screen will give any aspiring artistes an excellent taste of the science behind the entertainment industry.

Fans of the Deer Shed Festival will also be thrilled to find that our friends at Teesside University Forensics will be reviving their much-loved murder mystery from last year, this time taking the mystery “Up in the Air”. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Sherlocks out there to take a stab (pun intended) at solving a murder mystery.

With the fabulous support from Teesside University, who are supplying 3D Plane Modelling, Green Screen, and Starlab as well as the forensics, the science tent at the Deer Shed Festival this year is shaping up to be the best yet.

To find out more about the science behind Deer Shed Festival, as well as a complete run down of what’s on offer for every family member, then go to the website at


Our history

This is the sixth Deer Shed Festival. The team behind it have been in place from the start and families are at the heart of the preparations and the activities and services on site. In the last six years we have grown in attendance but are sensible to making sure that we never get too big. Those six years have seen a host of amazing bands play including Johnny Marr, Edwyn Collins, I Am Kloot, Saint Etienne, The Wedding Present, The House Of Love and Field Music.

What They Said About Deer Shed Festival:

“Because there’s something about the atmosphere, the site and the families, which remains unmatched anywhere in festivaldom. And I’m willing to wager that for 99% of the audience at Deer Shed, that’s what keeps them coming back year after year. Here’s to Deer Shed’s 6th birthday.” There Goes The Fear (from 2014)
“Deer Shed is jam packed with quality. The organisers have clearly given much thought to what all members of the family will want within a festival and have gone a considerable way to delivering that.” EFESTIVALS

Ticket price structure
3rd tier adult full weekend ticket (16+) £119 + booking fee
Released 1 March 2015
4th tier adult full weekend ticket (16+) £129 + booking fee
Not released
Child full weekend ticket (6 to 15) £35+ booking fee
Child full weekend ticket (3 to 5) £5 + booking fee
Child full weekend ticket (0 to 2) Free
Sunday night camping per tent/live-in vehicle £40 + booking fee
(Only valid for holders of full weekend tickets)


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