The Pop Pigs: Rain On Water Rain On Stone

Now we have a policy at the Northern Line that says if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything. We have stuck to this policy almost 100% although we have been tempted on many occasions to scrap it. So, when an old friend asks you to review his band’s new CD and sends you a copy what do you do? Not review it and incur his wrath for doing nothing. Or, give it a poor review and go against the policy stated previously? Thankfully this has not been a problem as said CD is rather good. And after half a dozen plays I have started singing along.

So, who are the Pop Pigs? They were around in the late 80s hailing from Scarborough with a strong following in Leeds. I saw them a few times at college which is where my friendship with Eric Jackson, guitarist, was born. He went to the same teacher training college in Ripon and is a wonderful fella. He’s also a Leeds fan so we still meet up at matches. The Pop Pigs called it a day over 20 years ago due to lack of success and generally getting fed up with each other. Luckily for us they decided to get back together a year or so ago. Now all pushing 50 they’ve found a fresh energy and are enjoying themselves far more than they did back in the day.

The tracks owe a big debt to early Weller both in the Jam and his early solo material. But there are also hints of Husker Du and in more modern times; the Enemy. My favourite tracks are “Tideline” and “Lighthouse” but there are a number of great tracks on the album. Listening to it now with Storm Frank whistling through the door I am taking by “Centre of the Universe” and its “….and then I grew up” refrain. Like Wilko Johnson and Dr Feelgood at their finest.

The boys have a number of gigs lined up for 2016 and you could do with checking them out and buying this album. Links below for the album and go to Facebook for their upcoming dates.



By peter on December 30, 2015

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