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Photographer Lisa Bartos has now become intrepid reporter Lisa Bartos. Here is her interview with Bowling For Soup……..

Bowling for soup has been entertaining punk fans for more than 20 years with hits such as “Girl all the bad guys want” and “1989”. I talk to lead singer Jaret Reddick about their upcoming Newcastle show, greatest hits and One Direction.
LB: You released Bowling for Soups Greatest Hits in January 2015; how did you decide which songs to include on the album?
JR: It wasn’t easy…It was originally supposed to be one album that covered the first 20 years. We decided quickly that that would be impossible. So we took any singles or songs that had been on the radio and added band and fan favourites…I think we did a good job!
LB: You’re playing Newcastle O2 Academy on 2nd February 2016; how do find North East crowds?
JR: Love Newcastle! And love that it is always early in the tour! Cannot wait!
LB: How did you choose to Lacey and The Dollyrots as your support bands?
JR: The Dollyrots are family…We have missed touring with them, so it was time to reunite…The Lacey dudes are awesome! I have toured with them in my other band to ireland and scotland, People On Vacation…I like the diversity of this bill! It is gonna rule!
LB: What made you want to tour again after 2013’s Farewell tour?
JR: We all had some shit to sort out at home…Some of us more than others…We needed a break…But the fans have been amazing and have accepted us back with open arms!
LB: Who were your musical influences when you were growing up and why?
JR: I loved all things hair metal! I was obsessed…Then I heard the Descendants, and everything made sense…
LB: What is the best and worst thing about Touring?
JR: The best thing about touring is just being with my friends…The worst is missing home…The shows make it all worth it.
LB: Do you have any juicy tour stories you can share with us?
JR: The juicy ones are too dirty to print!!!
LB: You played Download Festival in 2014; are you playing Download Festival 2016?
JR: I don’t know yet…I would think if not 2016, then 2017.
LB: In 2014 you played two sets at Download in one day which was your favourite set the Main stage or the acoustic stage and why?
JR: I would have to say Main Stage, as I don’t really remember the acoustic…Too much vodka!
LB: You’ve been in Bowling for Soup for 21 years; how has the rock scene changed over that time?
JR: It has changed so immensely, it isn’t even the same business. But I think that is true for an always evolving media, no matter what…The thing is, you have to keep up, or you will drown.
LB: Who are your ones to watch in 2016?
JR: Man, I wish I knew! I would sign them to my label!!
LB: You’ve got children have you had much influence on the music they listen to or are they having influencing your music tastes?
JR: Both actually. My son loves Skid Row and Eminem…And I admit liking One Direction, due to the exposure from my daughter…Those songs are SO good!!!
LB: What does 2016 hold for Bowling for Soup apart from a headline tour?
JR: New Music!!! And in a different way! It is gonna rule!!!
LB: What is your proudest or greatest achievement of 2015?
JR: My new podcast! I can’t believe how Jaret Goes to The Movies has taken off! It is a blast!!

Thanks to Lisa for her time and effort. There are plenty more to come….

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By peter on February 7, 2016

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