The second interview from Lisa Bartos features Reef…….

Reef are a band who need no introduction with hit songs such as “Place your Hands” and “Naked”; they have toured with everyone from Paul Weller to The Rolling Stones and even have their own jingle on TGI Friday still being used to this day.
Here is speak to Bassist Jack Bessant about touring, playing Fibbers in York and song writing inspiration.
You’re playing Fibbers in York on 18th March 2016; how do find North East crowds?
Reef have had some great North East gigs
Raucous crowds with great energy LOVE IT; I wish we could spend more time there.
When we first started out (4 lads in a van days) we had a cool time driving through the Yorkshire Dales heading to the city…. Stopping off swimming in the rivers and finding great places to hang out wonderful.
You’re about to commence on a Headlining tour; what can fans expect from these shows?
They will be a great REAL live show… We give off an immense energy and are taking out a keyboard player who is adding to the sound with some choice Hammond and piano parts….Lots of new songs being played, some hard and heavy but still with a rock n roll vibe….We’ll be playing the classics too so a good mix with the new songs…They’ll be a live album on sale on the tour plus our new single…A lot will be going on…Its going to be very entertaining.
What is the best and worst thing about touring?
Touring is generally amazing fun if you’re happy and up for it…The best thing is playing to a crowd…. The worst thing is the wait before that takes place……Sometimes inner city gigs can wear you thin when they start to look the same but festivals come round and they take you to some interesting places.
You’ve toured with many bands over the years either as support acts or them supporting you; do you have any stories you can share?
The best tour support slot for me was when we supported Paul Weller at the Albert Hall again back in the day when it was the four of us in a van plus tour manager this time… Driving to The Albert Hall was wicked fun we were so excited… 3 nights!!… Weller and his band were phenomenal and it was at the time of his Wildwood album… We were treated really well and just enjoyed playing those support shows and then watching their show.
What inspires you in the song writing process?
Writing is special it can be something well beyond the normal…Inspiration is often triggered from playing, having fun and generally living….Writing can be a real outlet for emotions and it’s good for me to write and get things out to move on to something that might be more relevant for a particular music venture…Having time and quiet also inspire me… I love it but sometimes when you’re in writing mode it can take you over and devour your attention…You have to pull out and get back into something more everyday…Get out on the mountain bike, go surfing, read a book/watch a film…live a bit and then get back to the writing.
Who inspired you when you were growing up?
My uncle Mike inspired me…I couldn’t believe it when I first heard him play… It sounded so real and cool…He lent me my first bass… He pulled it out of the boot of his car.
In April 2014; Jesse Wood officially joined Reef as a guitarist, what effect has this had on the band?
Jesse has a cool sound I like it and really like how the band has moved on since he joined… An exciting, lovely and interesting guy to be around… I’ve gained a good friend.
You’ve been in Reef for a number of years; how have you seen the music industry change?
Massive change with all the whole social media thing… The essence of a great band or act is still apparent and the same ….great songs are still important.
Some members of the band are keen surfers; while on tour do you get much chance to surf the English coast and have you ever been brave enough to surf the Northeast Coast?
I try and surf when the opportunity arises on tour.
We recorded two nights at St Ives last year and had some water time both days and rode some lovely waves. Surfed in Aberdeen a few years back (Scotland I know but still East Coast) I would like to explore more East Coast spots.
What advice would you give to a band or solo artist just starting out?
People still love watching live music and you can still create a scene or a vibe if you stick at it; giving great energy and something real.
What does 2016 hold for Reef?
Touring and hopefully recording some more of the songs we have written.
You can catch Reef at Fibbers in York on 18th March 2016.

Again a big thank-you to Lisa.


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